MSDS Sheets – Hazard Communication

As a requirement for OSHA under the Hazard Communication Standards, employers are responsible for informing employees of exposure to chemicals and hazardous materials in the workplace. According to the OSHA 3084 – Chemical Hazard Communication, employers are responsible to:

  • Identify and list hazardous chemicals in their workplaces

  • Obtain MSDSs and labels for each hazardous chemical

  • Develop and implement a written hazard communication program

  • Communicate hazard information to employees

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in penalties and fines. In September, OSHA proposed penalties of up to $49,200 for two manufactures and two distributors in Florida citing failure to protect employees from exposure to formaldehyde and failure to communicate hazards of products to its employees. The two distributors received penalties of $12,600 each for not posting accurate MSDS that correctly identified formaldehyde as an included product.  In addition, the companies were reprimanded for failure to maintain a written hazard communication program. The entire DOL OSHA statement can be viewed here.

If you need assistance with compiling or updating your MSDS sheets or a written program, please contact the Workers’ Compensation department at StaffScapes at 303-466-7864.