Medical Marijuana in the work place?

Medical Marijuana has become a popular topic of discussion, especially in the work place. Employers are being forced to take a closer look at their drug policies and make decisions on how this could impact their policies.  Some interesting statistics below found on the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry website.

• 33,614 new patient applications have been received to date since the registry began operating in June 2001. Twenty-seven (27) applications have been denied, 23 cards have been revoked, 279 patients have died, and 2,366 cards have expired, bringing the total number of patients who currently possess valid Registry ID cards to 30,919.
• Seventy-four percent of approved applicants are male.
• The average age of all patients is 40. Currently thirteen patients are minors (under the age of 18).
• Patients on the Registry represent all the debilitating conditions covered under Amendment 20. Severe pain accounts for 91% of all reported conditions

Are some of these patients in your workforce?  Maybe it’s time to review and update your policies.  Contact StaffScapes for assistance with policy development, drug free workplace programs, handbooks, and other human resource needs.