March 13 Coronavirus Update

On the morning of 3/13/2020 Governor Polis again addressed an update on measures the state is taking to tackle the Coronavirus (COVID-19). His speech announced the following:

  • Gatherings of 250+ people are prohibited
    • Gatherings of 50+ in the High Country are also prohibited
  • Drive-up testing centers will be deployed. Initially there was only one drive-up testing center but after it’s success they have chosen to deploy more
  • Retired nurses and doctors are being asked to come back to work to help
  • National Guard medics are being mobilized and trained to assist Colorado’s existing medical professionals
  • A request for everyone to avoid the ski slopes as the High Country has seen a dramatic outbreak

Additionally, the day brought many announcements from school districts that they would be closing for a period of time or deploying remote learning. A complete list of school closures can be found here:

At this time, there have been no new updates on additional paid leave rules or utilizing unemployment as an option for those who have contracted the virus.

The President also made an announcement in the afternoon of 3/13/2020, declaring a national emergency. This allows the White House to utilize the Stafford Act which involves the mobilization of FEMA and the ability to direct federal aid to states hit by the health crisis. It also allows the use of more than $42 billion in assistance to fight the Coronavirus.