Job Descriptions

Do you have job descriptions for every position in your company? If not, consider the benefits of having them. First, they clarify the essential functions and responsibilities for your employees in every role. Second, they’re a very useful tool during the interviewing and hiring processes. Third, they can be used to facilitate the performance review process, particularly with employees who are under-performing. Finally, they can protect employers from ADA claims and other potential liabilities involving wrongful termination or unemployment claims.

While job descriptions will vary based upon each position, they should all use the same template. Each description should include the basic framework of the position (department, supervisor, FLSA status, job status, grade/level, amount of travel involved, and work schedule), a summary of the position, the essential functions and any additional (plausible but not essential) responsibilities, the position qualifications, preferred skills and abilities, and the physical working environment, such as how often the employee will be sitting or standing, if there is any heavy lifting involved, etc. The job description should also include a ‘reasonable accommodations statement’, signatures by the parties that approved the job description, and a disclaimer at the end, stating that the job description is not a contract of employment and may be changed as necessary, that it is not an exhaustive list of duties, and finally, that the company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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