Health Plans

Market Share of Health Plans

PPO plans enroll three-in five covered workers in 2006, followed by HMO plans. POS plans, and then HDHP/SOS and conventional plans.

With the highest enrollment, PPO plans cover 60% of covered workers. HMO plans cover 20% of covered workers, POS plans cover 13% of covered workers, and HDHP/SOs and conventional plans cover 4% and 3% of covered workers, respectively.

Plan enrollment patterns differ across regions.

Lower percentages of covered workers are enrolled in HMO plans in the Midwest and in the South, 16% and 17% respectively. In contrast, HMO enrollment is significantly higher (29%) in the West than in all other regions. A higher percentage of covered workers are enrolled in PPO plans in the Midwest (66%), and fewer are enrolled in the West (51%). For POS plans, enrollment is lowest in the Midwest at 10%.

Finally, covered workers are less likely to be enrolled in an HDHP/SO in the Northeast (2%) and more likely to be enrolled in an HDHP/SO in the Midwest (6%)

Source: The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust 2006 Annual Survey