Hawaii Age Discrimination case settles for over $193,000!

In the news this week is a story from Hawaii that is unbelievable.  According to public news reports, the owner of Hawaii Healthcare Professionals, Inc., Carolyn Frutoz-De-Harne, fired an office coordinator at her Maui facility in 2008.  The reason?  According to management witness statements, Ms. Frutoz-De-Harne ordered the firing because she felt the employee, Debra Moreno “looked old”, “sounded old on the telephone” and was “like a bag of bones”.  In contrast, the manager and supervisor in charge of Ms. Moreno felt she was a thorough and efficient worker.  How old was the employee at the time of termination?  Only 54!

As a result of the termination, Ms. Moreno filed an age discrimination charge with the EEOC under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. An investigation followed and the EEOC filed a suit against Ms. Frutoz-De-Harne and her company for unlawful age discrimination in 2010.  Last week, U.S. District Judge Alan C. Kay awarded damages of $193,236 be paid to Ms. Moreno.  He also required proper procedures and training be put in to place at the facilities owned by Ms. Frutoz-De-Harne for all staff and supervisors.  Future training programs are to cover topics such as discrimination/harassment, complaints, claims, retaliation, and prevention. A third party coordinator will be assigned to manage the efforts and the EEOC will conduct compliance oversight to ensure the order is being followed. 

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