Friends and Family

Should I hire friends and family to work in my office?

This is a question we have been asked often form clients over these past few from employers that are thinking about helping out those who have been laid off. Some small business run great with a husband and wife team working together while others realize there relationship requires them to be apart a few hours a day. Many of us have also worked where the boss who has a niece or nephew working below them. Sometimes this works out fine other times you hear people complaining about that nephew going to Uncle Joe about what they heard in the shop that needs, hr

The big question I always tell my friends and clients that are considering hiring a friend is “Are you willing and able to fire that person”. Can you fire your spouse? Can you fire your brothers child? These can be tough decisions to make and if you have to make them will you do it in a timely manner before it effects other employees?

Just a few thoughts about hiring. If you have other questions on hiring, firing, interviewing job applicants or other HR needs give us a call.