Denver’s current economic boom is creating a rivalrous marketplace where companies are competing to hire the top talent. And While a professional employment organization (PEO) does not help companies with talent acquisition, a PEO can help you with other important tasks associated with the hiring process.

Job Descriptions

Even if it’s a job that has been filled and re-filled for years, ask your PEO to review the job description and update it. Too often, the hiring manager’s needs have changed, but the same old job description gets posted, and the candidates who have been selected have little resemblance to the skills and background that is actually needed for the position. A PEO can help you by interviewing the hiring manager, reviewing the legacy requirements, and creating an accurate job description.

New Hire Paperwork

The importance of new hire paperwork is often overlooked. Lost, late, incorrect, or incomplete paperwork can cause a chain reaction of problems for your organization. When you put a PEO in charge of your new hire paperwork, you can be assured that the state and federal compliance regulations are being followed and your new employee has a streamlined experience.

Employee Handbooks

Putting it all in writing is the best way to indoctrinate new hires. Give them a manual that outlines the expectations, standards, and traditions of their new work environment. A PEO can help you write and update your employee handbook. An employee handbook will help the new hire adjust more quickly, and it will also give you legal recourse in case an employee behaves outside of the standards you put down in writing.


If the burden of onboarding new hires is handled by your PEO, you are freed up to focus on the application and talent acquisition processes. You then gain the ability to screen more thoroughly and get earlier buy in from the hiring managers.

With 30 to 50 percent of recruiting efforts resulting in failure, it’s important to have the bandwidth to available to focus on the talent acquisition process. A PEO can help you gain valuable time and energy back in your day so you can hire right the first time.

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