Fairness in the Workplace

We’ve all heard it before: a young child upset by something yells, “That’s not fair!” to which his parents reply, “Life’s not fair; get used to it.” While this tactic may often be utilized by parents, it’s probably not one that will get you very far with your employees. As a Denver PEO that has been in business for decades, we have seen a fair number of workplace disputes that were cultivated because of unfairness in the workplace. Here is what you need to know about fairness in the workplace.

Facilitating Fairness in the Office

Various studies, such as one recently published by Forbes, highlight the importance of management recognition to employee retention rates. Management should have processes in place to reward and recognize employees through fair measurement systems. When every employee sees that they have an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded, trust is cultivated, and fairness in the workplace becomes the norm. Although management styles may vary, treating employees fairly should remain constant. (For help on formulating an employee recognition program in your company, contact Staffscapes, an experienced Denver PEO to discuss your goals.

But what constitutes fair? According to RISMedia, fairness means treating employees justly and individually, depending on the specific situation and the employee’s participation. This means using good judgment when making decisions regarding your employees. Here are a few ways you can promote fairness at work.

Get To Know Your Employees

Workplace fairness starts with understanding your employees. Get to know each of them and become familiar with the conditions in which they are working. While you don’t ever want to pry into their personal lives, getting some insight into their personal challenges will help you see them as a whole person. For example, if you know one of your employees is going through a hard time at home, you’ll likely be able to understand if their performance at work suffers. Knowing the context in which employees are coming to work every day will help keep your relationships with your employees on good terms.

Listen To Your Employees

Listening is one of the easiest ways to make your employees feel valued and promote fairness in the workplace. By knowing that you care about their opinions, your employees will feel important and respected. Be consistent in your listening. Don’t listen to some employees and not others so that you maintain trust with all employees.

Favoritism in the workplace can have a significant effect on employees, resulting in outcomes like higher salaries for some employees and lower salaries for other. Fairness in the workplace (or lack thereof) can create reduced employee productivity. When all employees in the office are treated fairly, relationships become stronger and trust increases.

Wondering how you can create and promote fairness in the workplace? Staffscapes is a Denver PEO that specializes in HR management and employee benefits. We can help you with everything from drafting employee handbooks to administering a workplace fairness process. contact Staffscapes to discuss your company’s goals.