Establishing a dress code for your office

It seems that dress code is a sticky situation today for some offices. Gone are the days of wearing dress suits daily and understanding proper choices for clothing when at work. Today, the norm can feel like tank tops, jeans, graphic t-shirts and shorts at the office. If your work environment matches these clothing choices, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these fashion selections. However, how does a business casual or more formal office handle training employees on acceptable wear? Do you just come out and say you have a NO BC policy (Bums or Cleavage) or do you include a brief seminar on acceptable clothing during the onboarding process?

Generally, something in-between is recommended. First, make sure that you have a statement in your policy manual regarding your dress code. Include a brief overview during your new employee orientation on how to dress for success and consider handing out a list of recommended choices to help individuals make proper selections. For more information on this topic, I found this article by Susan M. Heathfield, Guide, to be extremely helpful.  For help with this and other important policy decisions, please contact StaffScapes today. 303-466-7864 or We specialize in everything HR so you don’t have to.