Employee Screening and Selection

Having a checklist on how to interview and the steps to take during a selection process are key to have a consistent hiring process.

Selection is the process of deciding which job applicants will become employees. To conduct an effective selection process, the following checklist should be observed:

1.      Know the essential functions of the job and the qualifications needed to perform well in those jobs.

2.      Institute selection techniques that are objective, nondiscriminatory and have proven to be particularly reliable in filling specific types of jobs with qualified applicants.

3.      Validate that selection criteria are job-related and consistent with business necessity.

4.      Know, understand, and apply techniques in compliance with federal and state equal employment opportunity laws.

StaffScapes Human Resource Department is available to consult, advise and educate clients about laws governing the screening and selection process.  Clients should contact StaffScapes Human Resources Department to request available information and resources to guide this process.