DOL Salary Exempt Status Changes

Have you seen the recent proposal from the Department of Labor to change the regulations on salaried exempt employees? What would this change mean for you as an employer? This would have a large impact on the way that you determine which employees are salaried or hourly. Your employee’s exempt and non-exempt classification would potentially change which could create an increase in overtime wages paid. If accepted, the proposal would raise the salary threshold from $23,660 annually to about $50,440 annually. This proposal is projected to be finalized by the end of 2015 and in effect in 2016. How do you prepare for this change without having it impact your business? As a client of StaffScapes, we provide various services to ensure any regulatory changes minimally impact your company. 

This proposal would impact your employee wages and exempt status, which could also effect your company’s policies and procedures. StaffScapes will work with you to review and update your company’s policies and procedures in the areas of benefits, time and attendance, overtime, hours worked, wages paid to employees and more. We will also ensure that your policies are updated to include detailed descriptions of any changes in time and attendance policies and consequences for any future policy violations. Did you know that if one of your employee’s answers emails on a personal device that is considered time spent on the clock for your company? What does that mean if that employee is a non-exempt hourly employee? Look for our future blog on this topic, but call now 303-466-7864 so StaffScapes can show how we can help you ensure your company’s compliance. All of our services can be provided at a reasonable cost for your business.