Creating the Right Job Listing: Details, Questions, and Information

Filling an open position can prove to be challenging. There’s interviewing to be done, pay rates and salaries to be finalized, and integration with current employees to consider. But before all of this, the first step is creating a job listing. If you need to create one, how can you detail the job correctly and if you have an advert out and aren’t getting responses, how can you troubleshoot? Below, we have compiled a list of must-know tips for your company to take advantage of.

Create a Job Listing

To create a job listing that will attract potential employees, you need to have a good understanding of your business and what it does. The job-seeker will be asking the 5Ws and 1H, so you need to know the answers to these questions yourself. What would the employee have to do? Who is hiring him or her and who would they be working under or with (a manager, CEO, fellow employee, etc.)? When would the employee begin if he or she was to get the job? Where would the employee be working? Why is this position necessary? Job security is something that job seekers care about, especially if they’ve been fired or laid off recently. How would this position fit with others in the business? How often would the employee work? Be paid?

Looking at your business from an employee’s perspective will help you answer these questions and detail your business with crucial information. Ask trusted current employees what they find are the highlights of the job. Are there good insurance benefits? Perks around the city? Proximity to housing or transportation? Discounts on products in the business or of other sorts? Detail the type of environment that the business has, the type of workers you are looking for, and the location and nearby highlights of the area.

Troubleshooting an Existing Listing

A lot of the solutions to a stale job posting can be found above. What are you missing from your advertisement? Look to answer crucial questions that the prospective employee may have, which will also help you sift through those that are truly interested in the position. Does the job listing truly highlight the benefits of the job? Does it draw in the type of employees you are looking for? Consider what you are looking for in an employee., like hard-working, loyal, trustworthy eager, experienced, fresh, innovative, creative, etc. Your job advert should be aimed at the type of employee you want, and that is done by language. State the talents and ideas you are looking for in an employee. Use language that would draw in the employee you would want. Edit and refine your posting, taking the time to sculpt it the way you want it to be read.

Job advertisements will eventually bring in your next employee, so you want them to reflect you and your business well and reel in the best of the best.

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