Confused About the New Marijuana Law?

Confused About the new Marijuana Law? Are you wondering how this will affect your business, employees and clients? Can you fire employees for testing positive for marijuana? What about Colorado’s anti-discrimination law that prohibits termination for lawful off-duty activity? Do you need to make changes to your Drug-Free Workplace policies? How will your insurance policies be affected (ie. workers compensation, general liability, product liability, etc.)? What role will the Federal statutes play?

These and many more questions are going to need to be answered for all employers in Colorado.  There is no black-and-white action to take. Each employer will need to analyze their efforts to accomodate the personal lives of their employees with the potential liabilities that could arise. Add an additional state law that prohibits termination for lawful off-duty activity, no case law and discrepancies between federal and state law and this becomes one of the most complex employment issues ever implemented. Welcome to Colorado!