Colorado PEO Going Green

StaffScapes, a leading Colorado Professional Employer Organization, is going Green in 2008.

In the coming months you can help StaffScapes go Green and create a paperless environment. Encourage your employees to sign up for Direct Deposit this will allow us to stop printing checks for employees. Employees and Employers can review the check stub on line and print it at home if necessary. Employers can also view invoices and other reports on line as well. By not having to print check or invoices we can cut the amount of paper used and can also eliminate shipping or delivering weekly payroll packages to employers. Employers can also elect to receive invoices via email. The 2008 new hire package will be available on line as a fill in form with electronic signature capability in 2008.

Contact Jim Thibodeau to learn how you can help make StaffScapes Green and how StaffScapes can provide your employees with direct deposit or payroll cards to create a paperless payroll environment.