CO Division of Insurance Reaching Out to Assist Business and Individuals Understand Health Insurance

I recently received an email from the Colorado Division of Insurance at the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) stating that they will be holding several webinars and community meetings over the next few weeks.  DORA stated that these events were being held to help both businesses and individuals better understand their health insurance. Their stated goal is to “help educate consumers about the factors that cause premium increases, what’s happening with Federal Health Care Reform, and how they can make more informed decisions when purchasing insurance”. The next community meeting will be held today at 6:30 at Merrill Middle School Auditorium in Denver. For additional meetings a listing can be found here. In addition for businesses, the next webinar will be October 18th at noon. Those businesses interested in attending can go here to link with webinar.

Also along with these events, a new website resource from DORA will be introduced to provide additional information concerning health insurance. DORA states that the website has been established to provide “more information than ever on health insurance premium rate review, how to shop for insurance, and how the Division of Insurance can help consumers when they need information or wish to file a complaint because their carrier does not meet expectations”.