Classifications of an Exempt Employee

Touble figuring out if an employee is nonexempt or exempt? Information that will make classifying employees a little easier

The DOL has many classifications and qualifications for an exempt employee.  The qualifications are open to interpretation and the DOL has online guides of how to correctly classify an employee. The one blanket rule for all exempt employees in all categories is that they must be compensated at a salary rate no less than $455/week.


Under certain categories, more qualifications apply.

Executive Exemption– employee must regularly supervise the work of two other full-time employees and have hiring and firing authority over other employees.

Administrative Exemption– Employee must exercise independent authority and discretion over matters of significance.

Professional Exemption– to qualify for a learned professional exemption, advanced knowledge is required. A sub-category, the creative professional exemption requires an invention, imagination, originality or talent of an artistic or creative field.

This is only a brief summary of some of the qualifications and categories of an exempt employee, for more information; please call StaffScapes at 303-466-7864.