Claiming “Exempt” on your Form W-4

An exempt status is good for only one year.

If you have filed “exempt” on your 2008 W-4, you are required by the Internal Revenue Service to complete a new W-4 for 2009. You must give your employer a new Form W-4 by February 15th to continue your exemption. If by February 15th your employer has not received a new Form W-4, the filing status will be defaulted to single with 0 withholding allowances.

 If you claim exempt, but later your situation changes so that you will have to pay income tax, you must file a new Form W-4 with your employer within 10 days after the change. Your claim of exempt status may be reviewed by the IRS. If you have any question  please contact StaffScapes Payroll Department at (303) 466-7864

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