About StaffScapes

About StaffScapes

StaffScapes is a professional employment organization (PEO) serving small to mid-sized companies in the Denver area and across Colorado since 1996. A PEO company cost-effectively takes on the responsibilities of an organization’s HR policies and alleviates administrative burdens for businesses, such as:

As a company, we take a comprehensive three step approach to helping your company manage your business’s human resources (HR) responsibilities through – people, profit and protection.



Our approach starts with People because employees are the lifeblood of your organization. They are what makes everything tick. They are the most important yet most challenging assets you have. Our PEO services will aid your company in incorporating best HR practices, such as pay, benefits, growth opportunities, and safety to make your organization the “Employer of Choice.”



Outsourcing your HR duties to StaffScapes will streamline your policies and free up time, thus benefiting you on both sides of the profit equation. By focusing on work instead of HR, your company will have the ability to increase revenue and efficiency, as well as reduce costs and overhead.



As an employer it is your duty to protect your employees and falling out of compliance can quickly put your business at risk. StaffScapes will ensure that your procedures are in line with current local, state and federal regulations. We will also notify you to any changes in legislation.

With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that by turning over your organization’s HR responsibilities to StaffScapes, you will relieve your company of unwanted stress and responsibilities. Contact us to set up a consultation or for more information on how StaffScapes can help your business stay up to date on employment best practices.