5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Performance Review

It is that time of year again- performance reviews are just around the corner. Acing your employee appraisal takes some effort, but any attempt to better yourself is only going to make your meeting go that much more smoothly.

Luckily for those reading, managers, HR experts, and business leaders endorse the following tips that will prepare you ahead of time so that you know what to say in the hot seat:

Tip #1: Review current goals

Some performance evaluations require employees to review present goal progression and set new ones. Regardless of your company and if they do this or not, you should utilize the time to take a look at the goals you have set over the past few months, quarter, or year. You can track your advancement, identify areas of weakness, determine what goals you want to keep, and replace outdated goals that you do not feel as passionate about anymore with new ones. Walking into your career development discussion with your goals already in mind will help you dominate the meeting.

Tip #2: Mentally prepare responses to feedback

Being on the receiving end of negative feedback and even constructional criticism can be tough if you do not learn how to detach emotionally. Take time to strategize your answers so that your reactions will put you in a positive light no matter what. First, if any of your mistakes get addressed, own up to them. Rather than appearing fickle with petty and weak excuses, own your faults. The night before your review, reflect on any mistakes that managing staff might bring up, and be ready to address the issue with only solutions and a positive attitude of growth.

Tip #3: Prepare notes

Do you want to look prepared and professionally in-tune on the day of your review? Of course, you do. A great way to blow your evaluator away is to show up with prepared notes regarding your goals and areas of development you want to improve in your career. Proof of preparation exemplifies care and maturity. Also, performing a self-evaluation the day before your actual judgment hour mirrors your lack of fear to find ways to improve without anyone directing you over your shoulder. For this specific purpose, it is best to do a self-evaluation with the same performance appraisal form that your assessor will be using.

Tip #4: List your achievements

Along with your self-assessment notes, jot down your accomplishments. That way, if you feel that you have gone above and beyond with your work ethic, you can evaluate if it’s time to ask for a raise. When asking for a raise, be sure you have your evidence supporting your reasoning as to why you deserve a raise.

Tip #5: Have questions to ask at the end of the meeting

Whether your manager or higher-level leadership is evaluating you, use your time wisely. Unless you go out of your way to schedule one, you might not have many opportunities within your company to have one-on-one time with experienced employees. Conclude the meeting with an uplifting and educational note; ask any question that you have had lingering in your head regarding your work and development or about the company.

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