2007 Renewal Rates

Pinnacol Assurance releases 2007 rates

The largest worker’s compensation carrier in Colorado, Pinnacol Assurance released the 2007 rates earlier this month. Did you find your rates moving upwards or your discounts slowly disappearing. Many companies do not take advantage of the discounts that Colorado has in place for small business. Some of the work comp discounts are simple to get others take a little more work from management and owners. Do you have a designated medical provider selected for when an employee gets hurt? Do you have a return to work policy in place to help employees re-enter the workforce. Have you ever tried to start a cost containment program?  These are all area that can benefit small business.

As Colorado’s leading PEO we have helped clients realize these benefits. If have questions on how to implement these programs contact StaffScapes and learn more about our programs and how they have helped business save thousands. We can be reached at 303-549-1860 or info@staffscapes.com