2006 W-2 Tax Preparation

It is the responsibility of ever employer to distribute W-2 tax forms in January.

Ever year when we are preparing to process our W-2 we get a last minute request to change an address on an employee. What is worse in February the calls start coming in “I never got my W-2”. The employees goes on to tell us that they moved some time last year. Even though their check each week has the wrong address on it. What is an employer supposed to do? The IRS tells employers that it is there responsibility to get W-2 to employees. What steps can be taken now to make our job easier during the January Tax rush?To help resolve this we started stamping all our employees payroll checks with:

For Your Security

Please Verify Your

Name, Address and

Social Security Number

This has been a great tool for the payroll department.  Each November and December when the Payroll Processing Department starts stamping check we all of a sudden will get a change of status form in from clients and employees. In a normal year we will print over two thousand W-2 tax forms. If you do not have a similar plan in place it is not to late. Start preparing today for the year end by contacting your local sign or office supply company and get a stamp made.

Please contact us if you have questions on how to implement these programs in your business.  As a Professional Employment Organization, PEO, we can show you how our programs have helped businesses like yours save thousands.  We can be reached at 303-549-1860 or info@StaffScapes.com.