10 ways to prevent accidents:

Getting your employees involved in accident prevention could help you to eliminate risk. With out the understanding or cooperation of your workers accidents and injuries could happen more frequently.

Some keys steps are below to help get your employees involved.

  1. Ownership. Let the workers conduct an inspection or give safety tips.

  2. Leadership. Make sure managers are leading by example by wearing proper attire and taking the correct steps to prevent accidents.

  3. Understanding. Inform the workers how their personal health and safety is top priority.

  4. Commitment. Make safety a number one priority for all workers

  5. Goals. Make sure standards are clear and understandable

  6. Competence. Get them the training they need so they have the skills they need to avoid accidents and stay safe.

  7. Feedback. Give out incentives to workers who report problems they cant fix and those who can identify and correct with out help.

  8. Involvement. Make sure everyone gets involved with accident prevention. Use tools and other learning devices.

  9. Responsiveness. Quick response to accidents and taking the correct steps to make sure the accident doesn’t happen again.

  10. Persistence. Accident prevention never stops. Keep up all the steps above always improving and getting new equipment.

Source: Safety Daily Advisor Monday October 20, 2008